(2004) Have you ever tampered with a dancers choreography…? Does your internal critic cry out to be unleashed…? In a dance of uncertainties, where the outcome is up for grabs, UK dance critic Donald Hutera acts as masters of ceremonies in a performance that invites the audience to exert their own creative influence. A piece that explores the roles of the audience, performer and critic.

Created and performed: h2dance, Donald Hutera and Dmitris Papakiriasis/Leo Kay
Commissioners: Guardians of Doubt, Dance 4
Photography: Robert Bloomfield
Commissioner: Guardians of Doubt
Choreographus Interruptus premiered in Nott Dance 2004, and performed at Swindon Dance, The Place:Robin Howard Dance Theatre, York St John College and Yorkshire Dance.

what the press said
“This was an interesting piece that raised some unusual questions about the nature of the art and the relationship between audience and performer. ” .foXinternet 
Choreographus Interraptus 2005