HEIDI RUSTGAARD (biography and CV)


Heidi came to London to study dance at The London Studio Centre in 1992. Since 1999, Heidi has co-directed H2DANCE together with Hanna Gillgren creating work as a choreographer and designer and performer of their productions. Their work sits in between performance and dance and can be characterized as interdisciplinary, often taking a humorous approach to serious subject matters.

H2DANCE is currently developing their production Amplified Edition.   This work will tours alongside their participatory work Strangers & Others (2017), their intergenerational work Staging Ages (2015), the extended Place Prize piece DUET (2013) and their immersive voice and movement work SAY SOMETHING (2011).

Heidi has taken up residency at Dansens Hus Stockholm Sweden, Liikelaituri Tampere Finland, Multiplié dansefestival, DansiT, SEANSE, Union Scene and Scenerommet in Norway, Reykjavik Dance Festival IS, Nordic House and NES artist residency in Iceland, Dance4, Pavilion Dance, Dance East, DanceDigital, The Place Choreodrome in the UK, Devir CAPa, (Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve) in Portugal, Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan and Gaara Dance Foundation in Kenya.

In October 2004 she won the Shrinking Cities competition (German Federal Cultural Foundation and Archplus) in Germany with the project Cow – the udder way in collaboration with Ulrike Steven (artist/architect) Gareth Morris (architect) Susanne Thomas (choreographer) Eike Sindlinger (architect) and Paul Cotter (film maker). The work was shown at DAZ (The German Architectural Centre) and Leipzig Gallery of Contemporary Arts, autumn 2005. The exhibition has since toured to New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Manchester, Dortmund and Montreal.

Heidi has delivered commissions for DanceDigital, North Kent Local Authority Arts Partnership, The Place, The Victoria & Albert and Natural History Museums in London and choreographed for students at Trinity Laban, London Contemporary Dance School, The National Centre for Circus Arts, CAT (centre for advanced training), London Metropolitan University, Dartington College of Arts, London Studio Centre and Manchester Metropolitan University.

As a performer, Heidi has worked for companies like Duckie, Clod Ensemble, seven sisters group, Colin Pool, Silence Crossing and Rorschach Collective.

Heidi teaches regularly in both the UK and Norway ranging from children to professionals at places like Trinity Laban, London Contemporary Dance School, The National Centre for Circus Arts, Greenwich Dance Agency, The Place, Norwegian College of Dance and PRODA to name a few.

Co artistic director of H2DANCE, choreographer, designer and performer (dance, theatre and performance)
Mob (UK): +44 (0)7720 436 384
Mob (Norway): + 47 93 80 01 53
Email: heidi@h2dance.com
Web site: www.h2dance.com and www.festenfest.info
Facebook: www.facebook.com/h2dance
Twitter: h2dance & Fest en Fest
Instagram: Heidi Rustgaard & Fest en Fest
DOB: 28/05/1972

Education and Workshops
2017: The Thinking Body, workshops with Vera Mantero at Roehampton University
2016: One-day Study Lab with Mårten Spångberg at Sadler’s Wells
2015: Workshop with Mårten Spångberg (Studio theory, practice meets thinking together) at Chisenhale Dance Space
2011: Workshop with Guy Cools (dramaturgy) and Linn Snelling (improvisation and voice) during Choreodrome at The Place, London.
2011: Klein technique with Susanne Klein
2007: Workshop with Yasmeen Godder at The Place, London
2005: MADE lab (Music and Dance exchange at Dartington College of Art) Facilitated by Emilyn Claid and Chris Best
1992 – 95: Diploma in Contemporary Dance Performance (In performance company Intoto) London Studio Centre

Choreography, design and production (H2DANCE)
2019: Fest en Fest 2020 R&D
2018/19: Amplified Edition R&D
2018: Fest en Fest 2018 (3 days)
2017: Strangers & Others (75min)
2016: 20 Strangers R&D
2015: STAGING AGES (55 min)
2014: SAY SOMETHING (children) (30 min)
2013: DUET (55 min)
2012: DUET / The Place Prize finalist and audience vote winner (20 min)
2011: SAY SOMETHING (60 min)
2007: To Die For (55 min) Co-production: Hedmark Teater Norway.
2005: På Gränsen (55 min)
2004: COW the udder way (10 days)
2004: Silent Movie (55 min)
2002: Patience (20 min)
2000: Two (30 min)

Choreography (commissions)
2019: Transition Dance Company Trinity Laban
2013: The Collective (20 min) Surrey Dance Collective
2011: ON/OFF (30 min) NKLAAP (North Kent Local Authority Arts Partnership)
2010: Choir Project:Attention! (30 min) The Place 40th Anniversary
2008: Left Behind (30 min) BIGdance Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum
2004: Choreographus Interruptus (60 min) Guardians of Doubt
2004: COW the udder way (10 days) Winner of Shrinking Cities: reinventing urbanism competition
2003: Six White Chairs (10 min) The Wapping Project

Choreography (Students)
2018: Settlement (20 min), Dance Diploma students Trinity Laban
2017: Groups and Landscapes (20 min), 3rd year BA students Trinity Laban
2016: Feast (20min) Music and dance students, Colab project at Trinity Laban
2015: 9 Women (15 min) Devising and Performance for Trinity Laban One Year Program
2014: To Die For (30 min) rework of H2DANCE’s production for 1st and 2nd year students, London Contemporary Dance School
2011: Untitled (10 min), 2nd year students, London Contemporary Dance School.
2009: Say What You Like… (60 min), 3rd year students, National Centre for Circus Arts, Watch This Space, National Theatre
2009: Breed (20 min), 3rd year students, London Metropolitan University
2008: I will! (6 min), 2nd year students, London Studio Centre
2007: Induction (6 min),2nd year students, London Studio Centre
2005: Flock 2 (6 min), 2nd year students, London Studio Centre
2005: Flock (20 min), 2nd year students, Dartington College of Art, England
2004: Grey (20 min), 3rd year students, Manchester Metropolitan University

Design and performance (H2DANCE)
2003: Faked
2002: Dithering Heights
2002: Butterfly Belly
2000: Stairworks x 01
2001: Love Me Not
2001: Ostrich

2007: Invitation
2004: GOLD
2001: Love Me Not

2019: Reykjavik Dance Festival IS
2019: Multiplié dansefestival, Trondheim NO
2018: Metal, Peterborough UK
2018: Dance4, Nottingham UK
2017/18: Dansens Hus, Stockholm SE
2017: Liikeleituri, Tampere FI
2016: Bergen Dansesenter, Bergen NO
2016: Dance4, Nottingham UK
2016: Nordic House Reykjavik ISL
2016: Metal, Peterborough UK
2015: Riksteatern Värmland, Karlstad SE
2015: DansiT, Trondheim NO
2014: Dance East, Ipswitch UK
2014: The Place, London UK
2014: DansiT, Trondheim NO
2014: Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth UK
2012/13: Dancedigital, Essex UK
2013: DansiT, Trondheim NO
2012: Studiotrade/studio 11, Cologne DE
2012: SEANSE, Volda Norway
2010: Union Scene, Drammen NO
2010: Medborgarhuset, Säffle SE
2010: Devir Capa, Faro PT
2010: NES artist residency, Skagaströnd ISL
2010: Choreodrome, The Place London UK
2010: South East Dance, Kent UK
2009: Scenerommet, Vestfossen NO
2008: Choreodrome, The Place London UK
2007: Taipei Artist Village, TW
2006: Choreodrome, The Place London UK
2003: Gaara Dance Foundation, Nairobi KE

2016-19: Trinity Laban, BA 2nd and3rd year choreography, Independent Projects and Resourcing Performance, MA; Performance Making and Research and Performance
2015/16: Trinity Laban BA 1st and 3rd year choreography and Independent Projects
2015: London Contemporary Dance School, BA1 Composition
2015: Trinity Laban, London, Rep Extracts on the One Year Program
2014: University of East London, Urban Dance, BA1 Composition
2006 – 2015: The National Centre for Circus Art, London, 2nd and 3rd Creative movement and composition
2008 – 2016: Trinity Laban, Talk on my own practise.
2012 – 2013: DansiT, Trondheim PRODA -Professional class and Workshop
2012: Den Norske Dansehøyskole, (Norwegian College of Dance) Oslo, BA3 Choreography, Release technique and improvisation
2010 – 2012: University of East London, Urban Dance, Choreography and contact improvisation
2005 – 2014: The Place, London, Professional class
2006 – 2014: Greenwich Dance Agency, London, Professional class
2011: Den Norske Dansehøyskole (Norwegian College of Dance) Oslo, Release technique and improvisation
2010: EDge – London Contemporary Dance School, Company classes
2010: University of East London, Architecture, Lecture on site specific performance, Critic on 2nd and 3rd year students design projects.
2004, 2008: Millennium Dance 2000, London
Release technique and workshop
2008: Clod Ensemble, London, Company classes, Team building workshop for medical students/performing medicine
2007 – 2008: London Studio Centre, Contact improvisation
2007: Robert Hylton Urban Classisism, London, Company classes
2007: Intoto, London Studio Centre, London,Workshop/repertoire
2006: Gratis Daglig Trening, Oslo, Professional class
2005: Dans i Väst, Gøteborg, Professional class
2005: Independent Dance, London,Professional class
2003: Manchester Metropolitan University
Ballet and release technique
2003: Laban, Release technique
2003: Compagnie Gaara, Nairobi, Company class
2001: seven sisters group, London, Company class

2008/2014: Clod Ensemble Director: Suzy Wilson, Composer: Paul Clark
Under Glass, research
The Red Ladies tour UK and international (ICA, South Bank Centre, Margate Theatre Royal/Turner Contemporary, Malvern Forum Theatre, and Serralves festival in Portugal)
2006 – 2007: Duckie
Producer: Simon Casson, Directors: Vito Rocco and Mark Whitelaw,
Design: Laura Hopkins, Lights: Kamal Ackarie, Choreography: Rosie Kay, Composer/lyrics: Ian Hill and Ursula Martinez – together with chef Tom Norrington-Davies
The Class Club, Barbican Pit Theatre, London
1999 – 2009: seven sisters group
Choreography: Susanne Thomas, design: Sophie Jump and Ed King, Composer: Phil Durrant.
2008-9: Asterion, Victoria and Albert Museum
2008: Behind The Scenes, research project, London and York
2004: The Forest, Newlands Corner, Guildford. Surry University
2004: Train station, European tour
2001: The Forbidden, Royal Opera House
2001: Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall
2001: Ssssh! The bunker project’ Essex Dance
2001: Stairworks, Wapping Project
2000: 0n stage, The Place Theatre
2000: Double Take 1 and 2, Selfridges
1999: Salome’ St Pancras Chambers, The Place Spring Loaded
2003 : Silence Crossing Choreography: Carolyn Deby, City:Skinned, The Place
2000: Rorschach Group Choreography: Sean King, Research project
1999: Colin Pool Choreography: Colin Pool, Hothouse – laboratory project lead by Victoria Marks

Projects with children and young people
2006, 2008: Youth Dance England, Choreography workshops, Critic on choreographies
2005: Creative Partnership Kidbrook School
2004: Greenwich Dance Agency Youth project
2004: Stamping Ground Dance 4 Nottingham
1999, 2003: Attic Dansestudio Norway Workshops
2003: Chisenhale Out Reach, Can you see me now for Central Foundation Girl School, London
2002: Gallery 37 Assistant leader for dance project, lead by Susanne Thomas, Birmingham

2017: Artist International Development Fund Arts Council England
2015: Diversestipend from Statens Kunstnerstipend Norway
2012: Diversestipend from Statens Kunstnerstipend Norway
2010: Diversestipend from Statens Kunstnerstipend Norway
2007: British Council/Taiwan.
2003: UNESCO- ASCHBERG Foundation
2003: Norwegian Foreign Ministry

Are we overprotecting our audiences? Exeunt Magazine. Project: Staging Ages
The Wapping Project: On Paper. Project: Six White Chairs
Cause and Effect – Visualizing Sustainability: Gestalten. Project: ON/OFF
Shrinking Cites 
Volume 2: Interventions. Project: 
Cow the udder way