SAY SOMETHING previous tour dates


12th of July
Ravnedans, Kristiansand NO
15th of February

Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth UK

25th of October: Scenerommet Oslo Norway (with Det Norske Jentekor Aspirantkoret)
19th of July: Something Happening for Kids/The Place London UK (with SHIFT)
25th of January: Regionala danscentret i Österbotten (with over 65 group)
7th – 26th of August at Summerhall as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Escalator East to Edinburgh program
13th-15th of July at Waltham Abbey gardens, Essex at 9.30pm as part of BIGdance
19th of May at DogA (Norsk Design- og Arkitektursenter)(with Uranienborg Vokalensemble)
21th of April: Multiplie Dansefestival/Verkstedhallen scene (with Hardkoret)
1st of December at Colcester Arts Centre
15th and 16th of Novemeber Södra Teatern/ Kägelbanan östra (with Basta)
11th and 12th of Novemeber at 3:e Våningne Göteborg (with Rabalder)
26th of February (Premier) at The Place: studios 1&2 (with Goldmiths Vocal Ensemble)