(2000) Questioning “the nature of women’s sticky co-dependency, with its channels of short-lived pleasure, ingrained habit and irritation” (Donald Hutera, Dance Europe), Two mixes emotionally physical movement with a fruity blend of theatre, humour and sound.

Created and performed by Heidi Rustgaard and Hanna Gillgren
Original sound-score by New Breed of Alternative Workers
Two premiered at The Place Theatre in February 2000.
Funded by Millennium Festival Awards for All.
Supported by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and The Jerwood Space
TWO became LOVE ME NOT in 2001 as it was reworked for the screen together with director Thomas Gray. Funded by Arts Council England, Capture.
Screened part of the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in 2008

what the press says
The piece said much on a somatic level, about the frustrations about intimacy. This was one Resolution! Cherry I’d like to eat again. ”Donald Hutera, Dance Now