(2013) is an autobiographical work performed by Hanna and Heidi, and based on their ongoing couple therapy. The work, a collaboration with Wendy Houstoun, dissects the double act, the notions of being a twosome, its power struggles and compromises.
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Concept, choreography and performance:
Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Dramaturgy: Wendy Houstoun and Mark Whitelaw
Music: Sylvia Hallett
Lighting design: Andy Hammond
DUET was commissioned for The Place Prize for dance sponsored by Bloomberg, Funded by: Arts Councils of England, Norway and Sweden, Region Värmland Sweden.

Co-production DansiT Trondheim Norway, Studiotrade Cologne Germany, Dans i Värmland Karlstad Sweden, South East Dance and The Place UK.
Supported by Escalator East to Edinburgh and The British Council Edinburgh Showcase.

what the press says
“The disconnect is funny, sometimes brutal, and always entertaining.”
The Guardian
“A slickly crafted, comic double act based on choreographers Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard going into couples therapy, which punctures silliness with knife-in-the-stomach reality.”
The Evening Standard
“Their mix of deadpan laughs and pathos is a winner.”
Time Out
“A sharp piece of comedy couples counselling, done with wit and neat timing, it touched some raw nerves in the audience but did it with a smile on its face.”
“Duet is a unique piece of honest, funny and inspiring work that is both personal and performative. The physicalisation and verbalisation of the pair’s emotional struggle is deft and witty.”
Total Theatre
“Duet wraps a gentle humour around a difficult subject – how do two people, especially two such different souls as the gregarious Gillgren and the more reserved Rustgaard, manage to keep a relationship healthy and sane over time?”

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DUET standing on Heidi