(2005) På Gränsen is H2DANCE’s take on the friendly break up of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905. Questions surrounding nationalism, identity and our need to belong take centre stage as dancers,musicians and singers battle with their own pre-conceptions of tradition.

Choreography: Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Sound composition and live music: Moto (Henrik Gillgren and Ola Eliasson)
Lighting design: Jyri Suominen
Costumes and set design: Heidi Rustgaard
Dancers: Iris Heitzinger, Björn Säfsten, Adel Andersson, Peter Jansson and Laura Doehler
Singers: Cecilie and Christer Nerfont
Rehearsal director: Rachel Krische
Funders: Dans i Värmland
Produced by H2DANCE in collaboration with Dans i Värmland and Värmlandsoperan Sweden.
På Gränsen premiered 30th September 2005 at Värmlandsoperan and performed at Hedmark Teater Norway.

what the press says
“If you find contemporary dance difficult, this is a performance you absolutely have to see!”
Ann Olsson-Gislow, VF, 2005