(2011) H2DANCE takes on choirs with a strong social identity investigating groups, conformism and freedom of expression. Sharing the performance space, the audience and the performers are in constant negotiation with one another, influencing the direction and outcome of the work, making each performance unique.
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Concept, direction and choreography:
Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Composition and musical direction: Sylvia Hallett
Performers: Your local choir or community group
Financially supported by Arts Council of England, Nordic Arts and Culture Fund, Norwegian Arts Council, Swedish Arts Council, SEANSE, SPENN, Kunstløftet and Buskerud Fylkeskommune, Fond for Lyd og Bilde (Norway), Säffle Kommun, Dans i Värmland (Sweden) and Arts and Grants Kensington and Chelsea (UK).

Arts Council England, Nordic Arts and Culture Fund, Norwegian Arts Council, Swedish Arts Council, DanceDigital, Buskerud Fylkeskommune, Säffle Kommun, Dans i Värmland, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Swedish Embassy and Arts and Grants Kensington and Chelsea.
SAY SOMETHING was developed during Choreodrome and Something Happening at The Place and during residencies at Scenerommet, Vestfossen and Union Scene, Drammen, Norway, Medborgarhuset, Säffle, Sweden, Devir CAPA, Faro, Portugal, Hextable Dance, Laban Theatre, London Studio Centre and Goldsmiths College, UK.

what the press says
“I loved this piece, I found it exhilarating and rather scary.”
Clive Bell (The Wire)
“Most satisfying and emotionally charged performances I have seen in a long time.” Fringe Review – Outstanding performance
“If you go and see it, you are guaranteed to have something to say. Marvellous.”
“Stand back and stare in wonder.”
Metro – Pick of the day
“A performance where the embodiment of the communication between audience and performer is at the core of its success.”
Broadway Babe
“A show difficult to get out of your head.”