[2007] Part performance, part social experiment, the darkly humorous TO DIE FOR features four dancers stripped down to their psychological essentials in a gladiatorial battle to define winners and losers. Convincingly cast as a diabolical ringmaster whose “sadistic pleasure is enough to chill the blood” (Daily Express), Hanna Gillgren leads her victims through a series of fast-paced playground games which become increasingly alarming in character.

Concept, choreography and design:
Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Performers: Darren Anderson, Laura Doehler, Gareth Green, Nicholas Lawson,
Hanna Gillgren/Heidi Rustgaard
Music: MOTO
Co-produced by Hedmark Teater in Norway. Supported by Statens Kulturråd and Värmlandsoperan, Sweden, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Laban Theatre and Greenwich Dance Agency, UK

what the press says
“A persuasive and dangerous work whose sprawling energy never lets up … undeniably powerful.” Daily Express

“An audacious piece of dance theatre from a patently talented company keen to engage with the times in which we live.” Time Out

“A determinedly defiant and forceful piece of 21st-century dance theatre – that follows in the footsteps of Pina Bausch” The Guardian

“In To Die For, we hear echoes: of the corporate criminality of the Enron conspirators, the excesses of Abu Ghraib, the mind-bending techniques of those who dispatch men and women to kill for a cause. Our greatest vulnerability, the piece tells us, lies in our need for acceptance.” The Observer