(2007) Part performance, part social experiment, the darkly humorous TO DIE FOR features four dancers stripped down to their psychological essentials in a gladiatorial battle to define winners and losers. Convincingly cast as a diabolical ringmaster whose “sadistic pleasure is enough to chill the blood” (Daily Express), Hanna Gillgren leads her victims through a series of fast-paced playground games which become increasingly alarming in character.

Concept and choreography:
Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Performers: Darren Anderson, Laura Doehler, Gareth Green, Nicholas Lawson,
Hanna Gillgren/Heidi Rustgaard
Music: MOTO
Costume design: Heidi Rustgaard
Co-produced by Hedmark Teater in Norway.
Funded by: Statens Kulturråd and Värmlandsoperan, Sweden and Royal Norwegian Embassy
Supported by: Laban Theatre and Greenwich Dance Agency, UK

what the press says
“A determinedly defiant and forceful piece of 21st-century dance theatre – that follows in the footsteps of Pina Bausch”
The Guardian

“In To Die For, we hear echoes: of the corporate criminality of the Enron conspirators, the excesses of Abu Ghraib, the mind-bending techniques of those who dispatch men and women to kill for a cause. Our greatest vulnerability, the piece tells us, lies in our need for acceptance.”
The Observer

“A persuasive and dangerous work whose sprawling energy never lets up … undeniably powerful.”
Daily Express

“An audacious piece of dance theatre from a patently talented company keen to engage with the times in which we live.”
Time Out